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Irish Artist Rose McGowan is currently working from her Studio in Cork and is a member of The Backwater Artists Group & Visual Artists Ireland. Her paintings are included in both State and Corporate Collections in Ireland and private collections worldwide.

Rose McGowan Artist

"My earliest memory of the joy I find in drawing is being given a big box of chalk to draw out hopscotch and realising I could draw anything I wanted to. I spent the entire day drawing on the pavement until it became too dark to continue. I remember being devastated at having to leave the drawings and go inside."

A BA in Fine Art Graduate of The Crawford College of Art and Design, Rose has kept her passion and commitment to painting while also enjoying a career in Interior Architecture.

Her surroundings have always greatly affected her work. Living in many different locations – her paintings contrast vast space in landscape to crowded night cities. Her paintings are a diary of emotion and change.



Selected Group Shows :

Backwater Artists Members @ Studio 12, Cork 2023

Gallery Artists @ Blue House Gallery Schull, Cork 2023

Winter Show @ BeFramed Gallery, Cork 2023

Remaining Places @ Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens Fota Island, Cork 2022

Hark! @ Hambly & Hambly Gallery, Fermanagh 2021

A Moment Before Lockdown @ Studio 12 Gallery, Cork 2020

Noli Me Tangere @ Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork 2012

Locus @ 21 Sharman Crawford Street, Cork 2011

Spaced Out @ Kyrls Quay, Cork , 1996

Solo Shows :

Sea View @ The Townhouse , Clonakilty – 2010

Night Light @ No.2 Curve Street Gallery , Dublin 2004

Solo @ The Bodega, Cork , 1997

Saatchi Gallery Saatchi Art Curator

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